Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Reader: Court TV edition

Another history lesson this week. Between 1969 and 1981, a local guy ran a tiny record label, Bandit Records, with the proceeds from a string of hookers. He died in 1990.

But last year the reissue label the Numero Group released a compilation of Bandit cuts, which is all the excuse the Reader needs to revisit this decades-old bagatelle.

But how to make it seem interesting? Maybe some worn-out cliches from true-crime TV will help:

"strange, sordid life" (paragraph 1)
"a thousand jagged pieces" (2)
"the harem of women he lived with and lorded over" (4)
"lost souls he seduced with hollow promises of stardom" (4)
"Motown meets the Manson family" (4)
"a simple backwoods boy" (5)
"a silver tongue and an iron will" (5)

Gosh, I can hardly stop reading. But not for the reason they hoped. More gems coming soon...


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Say, that reminds me... The Reader sucks!

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