Thursday, May 05, 2005

Foot print

Posted by: spacecog

OK, I was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. In a previous post, I mocked "Scoops" Miner for cutting-and-pasting huge chunks of a column from someone’s emails. Clearly I wasn’t thinking. Given Miner’s terribleness as a writer, virtually anything he quotes from someone else is guaranteed to be more interesting than his own dour, muddled prose. Take the lead section of week’s column, which is actually quite amusing, mainly because there’s so little Miner in it. The subject? A column (by the wife of the Sun Times publisher) that outs a former Sun-Times editor as a shoe fetishist. The big long quotes from her column? Funny. A quote from Miner nemesis Neal Steinberg? Funny. The defensive denials from the ex-editor? Unintentionally funny. Only Miner’s own attempts at levity – at least I think that’s what they are -- fall flat. I won’t quote them, lest I sully my own writing in the process.

ELSEWHERE IN MINER: He manages to turn the Trib’s recent non-gangster photo flubs into an excuse to pontificate about a teensy weensy journalistic conflict of interest. In the next segment, he celebrates the Chicago Defender’s recent, ah, revitalization: "[T]he stories are no longer riddled with typos, and there’s a spirit of innovation in the air." Whoo!

ON BEYOND MINER: On page 20, an interview with Tom Frank. I would rather drill a hole down the length of my penis than read an interview with Tom Frank.


Blogger emjaychi said...

Do you wingnuts dream of fucking George Bush?

How many white sheets and brown shirts do you own?

And what's your opinion of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Jews, women, gays and lesbians--as if we didn't know?

What do you neocons want to suppress progressive media?

11:45 AM  
Blogger spacecog said...

I've never dreamed about fucking GW Bush. But I did once dream that I was in a store looking for a "Tara Reid Drunken Slut" DVD -- alas, I don't think there is such at thing in the real world -- when GWB crashed into the store in an SUV.

That same night I also dreamed that Robert Smith of the Cure was singing me a song about milk delivery.

I'm actually not kidding. Those dreams were so weird I had to write them down.

Your comments are similarly surreal, but alas not as interesting.

The Reader is about as progressive as a hoop skirt.

1:52 PM  
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