Friday, May 20, 2005

Well, this sucks.

In the sense that it doesn't. Suck. That much, this week.

The cover story, about a maniac trying to ride 25,000 miles on his bike, doesn't interest me, but I can see -- oh, the agony! -- how it might -- MIGHT -- interest somebody.

I've sworn not to "go Miner" this week, so it's on to Joravsky -- and he's actually covering something kind of fascinating! At least, if you're fascinated, as I am, by the city's chronic inability to keep track of its priceless public monuments. (Joravsky actually did a great story a couple years back about how, after tearing up that lovely little park next to Harold Wash library, the city dumped its custom-designed sculptural wall in a weed-choked lot out by an unused railroad spur.)

Then, to top it all off, Our Town profiles a guy who transforms downtown offices into giant pinhole cameras! Sheesh. If it weren't for Liz Armstrong kicking off Antisocial with a discussion of the "Sofia Mini -- champagne in a can -- [she] was sipping through its attached pink bendy straw," I'd have a real existential crisis on my hands.


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