Thursday, May 12, 2005

When you're tired of pasty midwestern flesh...

It's no secret that the Reader's redesign made plenty of room for gratuitous nudity. Who can forget the body-painted tits in Chicago Antisocial, not to mention the exposed penises, also in Antisocial? Still, two weeks in a row is a bit much, especially with the "blow job" headline in the books issue. Get a room, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And speaking of that lovely new design... Did anyone tell that myopic anal retentive clique at the Feckin' Bleeder that their printer has been printing that yuppie ad rag upside-down and sideways for over a year now? Oh and the 7pt type in the body copy, lovely, very readable, especially on newsprint when you are trying to read something under bar-light.
Who is in charge at that place? Anyone?

7:42 PM  

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