Tuesday, June 07, 2005

These Farts

Posted by: spacecog

Like Spiky I have not yet read enough of last week’s Reader to find something to write about for this little blog. Well, actually, I’ve read none of it.

Here’s the thing. As you may have noticed already, we at The Reader Sucks actually HATE reading the Reader. And there’s no issue of the Reader we hate reading more than the annual "These Parts" edition, wherein the Reader brings its patented brand of suck to quaint little cities that have the misfortune to be located within driving distance of our city. The Reader seems constitutionally incapable of finding interesting things to write about on its home turf, so why would we expect it to do better in places that are, let’s face it, even less interesting than here? Perusal of past These Parts issues suggests our fears are justified.

Still, I pledge to you that I will find something in this issue to write about, even if it means reading about some boring town rendered even more boring through the Reader’s reverse alchemy.

In the meantime: Liz Armstrong. Man boobs. Penis.


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