Friday, June 03, 2005

Thing I learned from this week's Reader (6/3/05 edition)

Sex is the same as money.
-"The ideal guy ... doesn't think his fancy condo (or BMW) substitutes for some skills in the sack... Physically, you can be a little thick around the middle, a little bald on top.. I relish that exhausted, sweaty feeling of marathon sex." (#110589)

-"I am looking for a sweet, pretty, educated Caucasian lady or housewife who enjoys fine dining, hour-long sex and multiple orgasms." (#110719)

-"Calling all Volvo-driving ladies...I like: HBO, sushi, that's earned, money that isn't..retirement funds, good insurance, FedEx..I'm a young, clean, good-looking, femme, well put together professional chick.. Looking for another professional lady, clean, enjoys wine, could discuss a 401K while fucking." (#110687)

-"Very well-endowed, muscular model type..Looking to meet successful, educated, executive types (any age/race) for discrete adult playtimes." (sic!) (#110597)


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