Friday, April 01, 2005

Haters unite

OK, I admit I learned about this person because I was putting our URL into the Technorati search engine. (What can I say? That fat 750 hits has me ready for my closeup.) I've been meaning to set up a list of other Reader-haters around the city (yay Reverend). But Lord knows when I'll get around to that, and anyway I want to quote a couple of nice lines from Keidra's Reader comments:
"[The] Reader hasn't been indie or underground since I was in diapers. So why bother? I'd much rather read journalism than the ramblings of some 20-something hipster white chick from Wicker Park about what she did last weekend. I can get that on the train."
Well said. Now, about what you said about Miner...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure you hate the Feckin' Bleeder. Fair enough; but if you really want to know how badly it sucks (It sucks a flaming dumpser full of garbage through a garden hose most of the time.) just ask someone who works there. I"ll tell you the truth later.

4:31 PM  

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