Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Who? Part One

Long before The Onion was a gleam in its editors’ eyes, the National Lampoon did a brilliant parody of a preposterously parochial small-town paper, the Dacron Republican-Democrat. On its front page, in giant type, a headline blared: “TWO DACRON WOMEN FEARED MISSING IN VOLCANIC DISASTER.” Right below it, in much smaller type: “Japan Destroyed.”

I would have thought it impossible to get much more parochial than that. But then I saw this week’s Reader.

Aside from a small list of Katrina money-raisers in Section Three, the only mention I could find of the K-word in the Reader this week came in, of all places, Deanna Isaacs’ arts column -- a brief item about how Katrina was forcing Redmoon Theater to rethink its plans for a flood-related “spectacle.”

You’d better get your hankies out. Apparently the “script and a bunch of commissioned props [will] have to be scrapped. ... only two of ten original pieces of music and two of nineteen costumes are salvageable



Blogger ryerson said...

Go back and check out the Reader issues right after 09/11/01. The closest you get to coverage was in the loser Personals and Matches sections, written and paid for by the readers. The usually horrible New City paper even scrapped their planned issue and put out some insightful writing on 9/13/01.

The Village Voice had some great NOLA coverage recently, and their online content isn't in multiple and bulky PDF files...

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Great post. But do you also have the fake high school yearbook the Lampoon put out? Its a classic too.

I don't have a copy of that Sunday paper, but I've heard about it. Maybe I can look online for it.

Keep up the good blog.

11:00 AM  
Blogger spacecog said...

Thanks! I'll check out the yearbook parody.

The newspaper parody, which is hilarious start to finish, was reprinted as a book. I may have to order myself a copy, since my much-reread copy of the original (in newspaper form) vanished long ago.

12:57 PM  
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