Monday, April 04, 2005

Things I learned from this week's Reader

It's not totally worthless, really. Things I learned from this week's Reader:

-Theater critic Kelly Kleiman doesn't know the difference between the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. (p. 3)
-If you try to protest the Iraq war in Millennium Park, the police will tell you to leave. But the security guards at the Art Institute will treat you nicely. (p. 8)
-At the recent Refine the Paradigm benefit at the W hotel, Liz Armstrong got so drunk "my friends told me I was talking gibberish, like vowels only." (p. 11)
-Jeff Griggs, who used to be Del Close's personal assistant, got the job by behaving saucily toward ImprovOlympic founder Charna Halpern. (p. 13)
-Drug addicts with felonies on their records have a hard time finding work. (p. 19)


Blogger spacecog said...

Stay tuned for breaking news on the Joravsky beat!

In the meantime, anyone have any ideas for a dumb nickname for him?

8:21 PM  

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