Monday, November 21, 2005

A Taste of Crap -- Miner bangs on his highchair

Miner's in fine form this week. He covers the Taste of Heaven Cafe controversy (Way to go, McCauley!) which, though a fun story, isn't exactly going to impact the fate of the republic. No wonder he's interested!

As a local press critic, you'd figure Miner would want to write about what's wrong with the Trib. Especially since the Taste of Heaven story is a perfect example. Both the Trib and the NYT covered it, but it was the NYT's story, not the Trib's, that got blogged all over the place and got the story onto CNN.

That's because nobody outside of Chicago pays any attention to the Trib. If you follow the most widely read blogs, you'll regularly see links to stories from papers with smaller circulations -- the Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Sacramento Bee, even the freaking Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Not the Trib, though. That's because, though it serves one of the largest metro areas in the country, its coverage is as plodding and parochial as some single-stoplight cowtown's News and Shopper.

Of course, the Reader isn't exactly burning up the wires from coast to coast either. Has any blog, in Chicago or elsewhere, ever linked to a Reader story? I'm honestly wondering here.

Miner also doesn't talk about the Trib's claim to have covered the Taste of Heaven story first, and whether that matters, or any other issue that falls within his ostensible purview. He's found another angle: the relative kid-friendliness of Women and Children First's Storytime policy. Clearly, a burning issue, well worth the 10 paragraphs he gives it. Circle the strollers, ladies...


Anonymous Jeff Gong said...

No one links to the Reader because after a week their stories are "archived," and they expect you to pay for them. I wonder if ANYONE does.

12:37 PM  
Blogger skimble said...

Someday I want to be like that British guy Dyson who invented a vacuum cleaner, but I will call my vacuum cleaner The Reader because The Reader REALLY sucks.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Thad said...

I find myself "reading" the Reader in less than 10 minutes these days. Jovorsky (sp?) is the only guy worth reading (for his neighborhood news). Maybe I've changed or maybe the Reader has, but they seemed to have better reporting and writing in the mid'90s or so, when I first came to Chicago. Now it's just one bad feature-lite story after another (even their feature narratives seem to have lost some gravity over the years). What a wasted opportunity.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck the Reader


1:33 PM  
Blogger ryerson said...

What's with that Get Your War On cartoon? Who made the decision to carry that piece of shit?!

(And I'm not making a political statment here. Left/right/whatever... that comic is just BAD.)

Red Meat ruled, and now it's gone.

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Your War On is a timeless classic. Who doesn't like unispired pirated images when it's combined with generic, bluestate bitching?

1:20 PM  

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